DFW Bridal Photographer {Cassi -n- Dan}

I met Cassi and Dan back in October when they contacted me as part of the mini-shoot day I put together for Fall Photos. Cassi and one of my greatest supporters, Ashley, went to high school together and have stayed in touch. When Cassi contacted me to do the mini-shoot, I was super excited to meet a new client, but could have never forseen what was to come of our meeting.

Cassi and Dan have been married for 5 years. They are super cute, in total love, and have a fur baby named Mister Magoo, who I got to meet on our mini-shoot as well. They are one of those couples who make marriage and life together look easy. When Cassi shared with me some of their story and the reason behind wanting to do these images, and I was ecstatic to be part of this.

It goes without saying, beautiful people make my job easy…but in some way the beauty that exists in Cassi’s heart far outweighs any other kind of beauty. But don’t be mistaken…she’s GORGEOUS in every way possible!!!!!! Dan isn’t hurting in the handsome department either!!

Enjoy a few images from our day in the FREEZING WIND just after we were able to get out from Icemaggedon 2013. Cassi and Dan, I wish you many more years of bliss and love and know that I’ll be there in Seattle, if you’ll have me, one day! 🙂


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