DFW Family Photographer {The Leger and Stark Families}

What can I say about this family!?!? Jessica was my very first bride. She’s been my biggest fan along the way throughout my journey in photography and my business. She’s an advocate for me, but so much more importantly, she’s my friend. And a very good one at that. Her family has become like family to me and I couldn’t have been more thrilled to take on the beautiful Leger’s and Stark’s in a super fun, laid back family shoot.

From their crazy-beautiful eyes, to their smiles and all around fun personalities, we had a great time on a beautiful morning at Nash Farms in Grapevine.

Thank you to the whole family for trusting me with this and always being my biggest fans!!

Hope you enjoy!!







Kym Tucker Photography
Natural light photographer in the DFW Area. Willing to travel.

One Response to “DFW Family Photographer {The Leger and Stark Families}

  • Jessica Stark
    6 years ago

    Aww! Love you! Thanks for the beautiful pictures! You picked all of my favorites for the blog too!

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