Kym Tucker Photography: A Year in Review

Let’s be honest…I write this post almost every year. I’ve been writing a year in review post for at least 3, if not all, of the 5 years I’ve been in the photography business…and one thing is true in almost all of them.  I apologize for not blogging more and promise to do it more.  I’m pretty sure I’ve increased each year, but not to my own liking.  I’m not going to promise to do it more this year, I’m just going to do it.

You see, KTP went through a major overhaul over the last 2 months.  New logo and new website design for an overall fresh new look.  It was time. And I’m super excited to be able to point you all in the direction of said website and logo.  My desire is simple: create art that increases the likelihood that clients will continue to use my services and tell their friends about me.

I have a passion for all things weddings and couples.  Then I would say that families, littles and individual portraits top the charts with what I love to do.  I’ll dabble in newborns, but it’s not my forte. What I really love when it comes to newborns is to come into the family’s home and create a lifestyle shoot that will incorporate both the parents and the child, along with the home and nursery that has been created by the family. It’s so cuddly to see where the little one will sleep and where mommy and daddy will nestle while caring for their brand new baby.  It melts my heart!

I’ve had an opportunity to shoot just about everything this year and I can say with each passing day that I still love what I do and can’t wait to do more!  Here are a few images that have yet to be blogged this year that showcase where I’ve been. Feel free to browse older posts to see more.

Here’s hoping that you are following along and cheering along with me through 2017!

Happy New Year!!

Kym Tucker Photography
Natural light photographer in the DFW Area. Willing to travel.

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