Choosing Your Wedding Photographer

There are so many posts and websites out there that offer suggestions on how to find the best wedding photographer for your special day, so this is probably nothing new. However, I’m a big believer in the importance of choosing the right photographer and thought I would take an opportunity to give some of my own suggestions. I hope you find these helpful and will reach out to Kym Tucker Photography for your wedding.

Before I got married, I already knew that I was going to spend a good deal of my budget, whatever it was going to be, on photography.  Being a wedding photographer already, I knew how important it was to not only choose the right photographer for the job, but to make sure you get exactly what you want in your photography package. What’s the point?  Well, let me tell you.  The point is that photography is an important part of your day.  Aside from the dress and maybe some party favors, the images of your day will last a lifetime, especially in the day and age of online galleries, the Cloud and other forms of backing up a computer. So if it’s something that lasts, would it not make more sense to make that an investment?

Here are some tips to ensure you make the best choice for your big day:

  1. Lighting is a key piece to research about a photographer. Some photographers are only natural light photographers and others have all the necessary gear to shoot in the darkest of areas. I am mainly a natural light photographer, but have some extra gear to allow me to shoot ceremonies and receptions indoors as well.
  2. Composition is another important piece to ensure that the photographer you choose matches the look and feel in their images that you anticipate.  Photographers usually have a style of their own, and while we may take suggestions and/or requests, often the style of the photographer may not capture it just as you had in your mind. Trust is important in this particular area.
  3. Interview your potential photographer(s). I invite all of the potential clients that reach out to me to sit down and meet before they make their decision.  It is so important that you meld well with the person(s) that will be responsible for capturing every wonderful moment of you day. Make sure your personalities mesh!
  4. Compare packages. Look at all the details and ask questions of potential photographers to make sure you are getting the “best bang for your buck.” Do they offer prints, online galleries, photo books? 
  5. Finally, make sure you know what to expect on when you will receive your images after the big day is over. Some photographers will give you a time frame (ie. 4-6 weeks). It is your right to know if they stick to their word. There are obvious events that can make that timeframe be different, but for the most part, do they deliver in this window?  Ask around. Ask for references for the photographer. 

All in all, this decision is one that impacts your whole day and the photographer you choose should understand this. Make an investment that you feel confident about and know that you will not have to worry about details on your day and that every image you receive will remind you of the most fabulous day of your life!!

Thanks for reading!  I look forward to working with you.

Kym Tucker Photography
Natural light photographer in the DFW Area. Willing to travel.

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