Portraits are my game…blogging…not so much

My passion is in the portraits, but the truth of the matter is that I am a very bad blogger.  I so desire to be better at it, but I’m just not.  I don’t make myself sit down at my computer each day and I just simply have not had time.  My desire is to be better at much in my life, but it starts slowly.  When I finally remembered where to go to login to my website, I realized that last time I blogged was about a sweet couple and their then 4 month old (maybe)??  She’s now 1.  Sheesh!!!

My husband and I have adopted since my last blog entry, so that’s a good excuse, right??  I mean, cut me some slack.  However, I’ve had many photo shoots in the in-between and just haven’t made time to get them posted.  So here I am again saying I’ll try to do better, but not making any promises.  I’m here though…ready and willing to take care of your families photography needs.  You see, I do real well at image turn around and getting the final product into my client’s hands…that’s what I pride myself on.  Getting those images published to drive more traffic to my website…well that’s where I seriously lack.

So here’s to doing better on many fronts and getting things in order in my life.  Starting with my family and moving on from there.  And please note…KTP is open for business.

Because every blog is better with a photo or two…enjoy these images from various recent shoots.

Sweet Brody getting ready to be 1


Handsome Senior, now college boy, Garrett


The fabulously beautiful Beyl Family


And lastly, my beautiful Aunt Pam’s wedding to her sweetheart, Alan in amazing Fort Lauderdale, FL

Kym Tucker Photography
Natural light photographer in the DFW Area. Willing to travel.

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